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Finland Education Community is growing and offering more and more high quality products and solutions for teachers, principals and schools around the world!

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Are you looking for solutions like School Day which promote students wellbeing? Or daycare app like TinyApp which provides daily activities and interactive collaboration with families in kindergarten? Playful science lessons by Kide Science await new little explorers! If game-based and fun learning is in your sight, you should definitely try Seppo! With LessonApp you can take your lesson planning and teaching excellence to a new level!

EduGems' online courses introduce you to a hot topic Sustainability in Education. Positive Parenting courses help finding ways how life at home could be easier and happier. CodeSchool shows how to teach coding and maximize students’ learning and engagement. Interested in teaching 21st century century skills or assessment? Check out Qridi's online webinars!

Are you interested in Finnish early childhood education, basic education, STEM or STEAM education? There is plenty to learn of these topics in multiple Learning Scoop's online courses! If you want to dive more deeply into Finnish education, you more than welcome to join our study tours!

And there is more to come! Interested in e-books about Finnish education? Or virtual study visits in Finnish schools? Stay tuned for updates in Finland Education Shop!


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