P1 Positive Parenting from Finland, whole course

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Positive parenting  from the happiest country in the world

Parenting is definitely the most important and challenging job we will ever have.

Do you want to enable your child to fulfill their potential? And to give your child skills that will set them up for life? Would you like life at home to be easier and happier?

Finland, being the most innovative and educated country in the world, has also the best preschool system. Everything you read and learn in this course is based on Finnish pedagogy and Finnish teaching.

Besides parents, this course is excellent for teachers, too. And the perfect match can be achieved when both teachers and parents have taken the course. After that everyone speak the same language and have a common educational mission. Strongly recommended!

This course includes all four modules (P2-P5) of the Positive Parenting from Finland course plus 6 bonus chapters.


  • Module P2: Social skills
      • Friendship skills – how to make friends
      • Empathy skills – how to use this awesome ability
      • Bullying – practical ways to stop bullying
      • Solving conflicts – from arguments to solutions
      • Respect – how to build respect
      • Different people – how to come along with different people
  • Module P3: Emotional skills
      • Emotions – how to recognize and deal with emotions
      • Feelings – how to understand feelings
      • Supporting emotional skills through arts and sports
      • Reading – how reading develops emotional skills, creativity and futureskills
      • Anger – how to deal with it
      • The importance of sleep
  • Module P4: Cooperation skills
      • How to recognize and foster child’s strengths
      • Teamwork 1 – How to teach a child the essential teamwork skills
      • Teamwork 2 – How to cooperate successfully in a group
      • Different temperaments – supporting child’s temperament and guiding the child to good interaction
      • An active participant – how to learn to be an active participant in a group
      • Shyness- how to support a shy child
  • Module P5: Creativity skills
      • Supporting creativity
      • Tools and techniques to encourage your child to become a creative thinker
      • Creativity and Innovations
      • Creativity in arts & crafts
      • Creative toys and coding games in everyday play
      • Creativity in everyday life with children
  • Bonus chapters
      • Children’s obesity – a way to a healthier lifestyle
      • Screentime
      • Playful learning
      • Quitting a hobby and how to save it
      • Parental wellbeing
      • Successful parenting in the digital era

Completion methods: 30 audio chapters, each about 14-17 minutes. Additional learning materials and learning assignments.

Duration: in total 7.5 hours
Recommended to study one chapter per week, so the whole course takes 30 weeks.
If you prefer to start with one module (P2-P5) , there will be 6 chapters in each module.

Target group: parents, grandparents, kindergarten teachers, school teachers, everyone involved in raising up healthy and self-confident children.
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Produced by: Futurecode

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