Teaching and Learning 21st Century Skills – online webinar

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How to develop Teaching and Learning 21st Century Skills?

In a traditional view teaching has been all about transferring the knowledge from various subjects to the students. In recent years this view has been questioned. All possible information is accessible with one click and what really matters is how well equipped the students are to utilize this ultimate resource. This idea does not imply that we should not teach subjects at all, but instead it challenges us to shift our focus to the future and to the skills that the students will need to control the flow of information, to maintain a balanced lifestyle, to interpret multi-literary signals and, most importantly, to think.

Schools worldwide are adapting the teaching of 21st century skills (also known as future skills or soft skills) into their curricula. What’s the fuss and why are the 21st century skills so important?

In this webinar you will learn about Finnish pedagogical approaches to teaching the essential future skills. The webinar offers concrete ideas for teaching 21st century skills while covering the reasoning behind the significance of these future skills. In the webinar you will meet an experienced Finnish teacher, who shares their methods for teaching skills in their classroom in a local public school in Finland. The practical examples and theory together also touch upon the concepts of trans-disciplinary learning and making meaningful connections to children’s experiences to support the learning of skills.

Contents of the webinar:

  • Defining 21st century skills
  • Learning skills and knowledge the Finnish way
  • Learning to learn (meta-cognition)
  • Trans-disciplinary learning
  • Meaningful learning stemming from children’s experiences
  • Assessment supporting the learning of 21st century skills
  • Practical examples of teaching 21st century skills

Qridi is an expert in learning and assessment. You can meet our pedagogical experts on our website.

Completion methods: 1-hour live webinar. See dates above.

Duration: 1 hour

Target group: K12 teachers, principals and other educators

Produced by: Qridi

Access to the webinar: Once you purchase a ticket to one of our live webinars, you will receive a link for accessing the webinar in the given date and time.


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