Online webinars for teachers

  • 21st century skills online webinar

    Teaching and Learning 21st Century Skills – online webinar

    The webinar offers concrete ideas for teaching 21st century skills while covering the reasoning behind the significance of these future skills.

    In the webinar you will meet an experienced Finnish teacher, who shares their methods for teaching skills in their classroom. The practical examples and theory together also touch upon the concepts of trans-disciplinary learning and making meaningful connections to children’s experiences to support the learning of skills.

  • Student assessment online webinar

    Assessment Beyond Tests – online webinar


    The webinar gives a fresh approach to student assessment with a twist of Finnish assessment expertise. It introduces a variety of assessment methods for understanding the process of learning, acquiring learning data, and measuring the development of 21st century skills.

    The webinar is ideal for teachers who want to utilize assessment in supporting their students and in releasing their students’ full learning potential.

Why to take part in webinars for teachers?

Many people do not know what the difference is between online webinars and online courses, which often makes it difficult to choose the online learning format that is right for them. Let’s briefly look at the main differences between a webinar and an online course. It is then up to you to choose the online professional development format that suits you the best!

Webinars are basically web-based seminars. They usually last between 60-90 min. Webinars are hosted on a platform (like Zoom, Teams etc.) and different platforms require different ways to join the platform (most often a specific link).

Webinars usually deliver live content. There is generally a lecturer speaking and showing slides, videos, etc. In addition, the webinars are for the most part interactive. The participants can most often actively participate: for example they can send comments or there can be voting, quizzes, Q&A, etc. What a great way to ask questions from a real expert in live situation!

Online courses are also known as digital courses, e-courses, e-learning modules, or online training programs. They usually include several lessons and are accessible through any desktop or mobile device. Online courses can include different type of contents: videos, audio recordings, learning assignments, quizzes, additional material etc.

Online courses vary in duration. Since many online courses can take several hours to complete, they can generally deliver more in-depth knowledge than webinars. However, they don’t usually have live interaction possibilities such as webinars.

Both webinars and online courses are excellent choices for online professional development. Sometimes, you can get acquainted with the topic in online webinar and the online course can be the next step for you  to dive more deeply into the theme.

You can participate in online webinars for teachers either alone or together with your colleagues or even with your whole school. It is easy to access webinars from your home or other preferred location and develop your professional skills and knowledge! Webinars also allow you to exchange ideas with your colleagues – even around the globe!

What kind of webinar would you like to take part? If you have a great theme for a webinar in mind, but haven’t found one yet, drop us a line: We are happy to explore new themes for webinars!