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Small school (1-499 students)
Medium school (500-999 students)
Large school (1000-2000 students)


Better student wellbeing – better  learning outcomes

When students feel better, they learn better. School Day asks students questions about their wellbeing, analyzes the data, and provides real-time insight.

Our service highlights what’s going well in the classroom and provides easily implementable solutions.

School Day wellbeing model

Research shows that wellbeing leads to better learning outcomes. The School Day Wellbeing Model relies on 30 years of empirical research in school wellbeing and social-emotional learning. Our research collaboration extends from leading Finnish to international universities and research institutions.

The School Day Wellbeing Model covers four main themes: Learning, Social and Emotional Skills, Social Relationships, and Wellness. Our Social and Emotional Skills theme has applied the globally known OECD content and framework.


BENEFITS of using School Day

Amplify Student Voice

Help your students express their feelings in a safe and anonymous environment and show them how their wellbeing affects their learning.

Get Proactive Insight
Stay on the pulse of how your students are feeling and how their wellbeing is developing to make better pedagogical decisions.

Better Student Wellbeing
Identify emerging wellbeing issues and use ready-made easily implementable solutions to develop the wellbeing of your whole class.


Trusted By Over 100 Schools Worldwide

Every day, School Day is used by school leaders, district leaders, teachers, and students all over the world. From the classroom to school and district level, we help students and educators around the world learn how wellbeing improves learning outcomes.

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Watch an intro video of how to improve the wellbeing in your class with School Day!


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Large school (1000-2000 students), Medium school (500-999 students), Small school (1-499 students)


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