Study Visits and Tours for Teachers

What will you see when visiting a Finnish school?

Learning Scoop provides authentic study tours, where participants have the opportunity to become familiar with the Finnish education system and the factors influencing its success.

Study tours include several visits to Finnish schools and educational institutions. The program gives visitors an overview of the Finnish education system, Finnish society and culture, and offers an up-close and personal view of daily life in the Finnish classroom. Learning Scoop´s Study Tours were awarded as the Best Professional Programmes for Teachers. 

Target groups: Anyone who is interested in the Finnish education system: teachers, headmasters / principals, early childhood educators, education experts and officials etc.

Objectives: To present the Finnish education system, its characteristics and founding principles, as well as to explain the factors behind Finland’s exceptional PISA results.

Review: study tour reviewed in Times of Malta

Learning Scoop offers different types of study tours for different type of experts and groups:

"I loved my week attending lectures and visiting schools in Finland. One can read articles and books about the Finnish education system, but nothing is better than being physically immersed in it. The balance of lectures and school visits enhanced exposure to the system, I particularly appreciated being in classrooms and having the opportunity to speak with students and teachers. Our school visits were comprehensive. The Wednesday evening walk and meal in the forest was a highlight of the study tour. The enjoyment of nature is an integral part of Finnish culture and we witnessed how accessible this is. Thank you to Learning Scoop for a wonderful experience in Finland. "

Study tour participant


How was a study tour in Finland by Learning Scoop?

Early childhood education in Finland, study tour
Early childhood education in Finland, study tour