S8 Sustainable Development in Education

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"The experience of Finland is one of the most important educational experiences in education in the world. I gained good experience from the information provided in the introduction course Education for Sustainable Development, especially sustainable development methods and interdisciplinary learning. Walaa Aldebal, Teacher from Syria"See other reviews


Sustainable Development in Education online course for teachers helps you to include engaging sustainable development themes to your lessons.

During this training you will learn the fundamentals of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and learn to apply phenomenal sustainable development issues to education. You will learn to introduce and discuss new wicked science topics with your students; learn how to motivate students with positive pedagogy; learn how to use holistic, inquiry-based, student-centered project-based approaches; learn how to support the learning of 21st century and action competence skills.


  • To know new practices from Finland, suitable to be applied at your school / in your teaching
  • To be ready to start using positive strength-based feedback and learning
  • Have tools to engage your students using holistic science perspectives

Learning outcomes:

  • you will gain a deeper understanding of ESD and 21st Century Skills
  • you will learn about the National Curriculum in Finland and best practices
  • you will learn about positive pedagogy and how to apply it in your own teaching
  • you will find inner motivation through new ideas and values for creating a sustainable world
  • you will get ideas for integrating elements of ESD into various subject areas
  • you will get tools and resources for your own teaching

Sustainable Development in Education is an online, self-paced course, a general program. You will earn a course certificate including personal feedback after sending in a learning report.

The producer of this course, EduGems, is an online Learning Academy from Finland, bringing you the world’s top pedagogical expertise in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).


  • Unit 1: Understand the research-based challenges and opportunities teachers face when implementing sustainability into teaching
  • Unit 2: Recognise – through Flipped learning method – the possible new elements of pedagogies of ESD in education
  • Unit 3: Learn the outlines for why there is an urgent need for implementing ESD to education
  • Unit 4: Improve the students motivation to study new systemic and complex topics
  • Unit 5: Practical examples of positive pedagogy with guest teacher M.Ed. Maija Hiekkala. The benefits of combining positive pedagogy to your teaching
  • Unit 6: Typical features of sustainable development practices of schools in Finland.
  • Unit 7: Understanding the multidisciplinary learning modules
  • Unit 8: The seven transversal competences in the Finnish National core curriculum.
  • Unit 9: Supporting action competence skills in students
  • Unit 10: Life and teaching in Lapland

The course includes:

  • Access to our online learning platform (for 30 days)
  • 17 inspiring videos covering 10 units with energizing and insightful reading and reflection tasks
  • The e-book Sustainable Development in Science Education
  • Access to EduGems’ Teacher Community
  • A summative learning report and a training certificate upon completion of tasks

Completion methods: online and self-paced, videos, reading materials, learning report to fill in and send in
Duration: approx. 15-20 hours
Target group: For all teachers of pre-primary, primary and secondary/higher secondary. For all subject/level teachers/school administration, etc
Produced by: EduGems Finland
Access to the course: 30 days
Suggested courses to combine with this course: B6, S8, S9, S10.

This course is Module 2 in Online Learning Pathway by EduGems Finland. See also courses B6 (Module 1) S9 (Module 3) and S10 (Module 4).

Recommended online courses and trainings to combine with this course:  B1 Cornerstones of Finnish education, B6 Educational Approaches in Finland – “Teach like Teachers in Finland!”, S1 Introduction to Finnish STEAM education, and Teaching and Learning 21st Century Skills – online webinar.


5 reviews for S8 Sustainable Development in Education

  1. Walaa Aldebal

    The experience of Finland is one of the most important educational experiences in education in the world. I gained good experience from the information provided in the introduction course Education for Sustainable Development, especially sustainable development methods and interdisciplinary learning.

    Walaa Aldebal, Teacher from Syria

  2. johanna.jarvinen-taubert

    This course truly represents the modern 21st century pedagogy and Finnish educational expertise. It is a pure joy to follow a course that is based on scientific research and trainer’s own experience as a teacher. I warmly recommend this course to anyone interested in sustainable development in education!

    Johanna Järvinen-Taubert
    Pedagogical Director
    Learning Scoop, Finland

  3. Ms Shraddha Rajak

    The course has been very informative and eye-opening to me. It is obvious to me now the urgency and the benefits of implementing a holistic approach to Chemistry teaching. It has truly inspired me to continue studying this topic.

    Ms Shraddha Rajak
    Asmita English School

  4. Zainab Mansoory, Apple Green Private School, Oman

    I believe in order to make this work, drastic changes need to be made. These changes come from the top of the hierarchy. If passionate teachers (& I highlight the word passionate) are educated about the matter, if the awareness is there then surely it will get passed down to students slowly but surely. I also believe consistency is key here. ESD isn’t a one off thing. It needs to be consistently taught, revised and implemented for results.
    Personally speaking, I would want to teach them the importance of saving food and water especially during a day and age where poverty still exists around the world.

  5. Vasile Alecsandri Theoretical Lyceum, Moldova

    Our team is in the process of implementing the STEAM activities provided in the course. We have had a great experience providing the first and the second lesson. The age of the pupils and the forms we have chosen are: 3rd form ( age 9-10), 5-th form ( age 11-12) 7th form ( age 14-15). At the lessons, Science, Chemistry and Biology subjects teachers were invited to cooperate. We made a real boom in our school showing another aspect of education, education that really matters for our future. Parents are impressed by the motivation of their kids searching and exploring information about the materials, how they are used and what the reason is for the raw materials.

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