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Kide Science – playful STEAM lessons for early childhood education


Seeds for scientific literacy need to be planted during early childhood education. Learning scientific thinking in early childhood predicts better learning outcomes in school. Kide Science supports children’s scientific thinking through play-based learning.

Kide Science was born through years of academic research done in Finland. Based on research done by our founder, PhD Jenni Vartiainen, we developed our play-based STEAM concept for 3–8-year old children.


Our pedagogical model

Engaging learning experiences at an early age

STEM subjects are often considered boring and distant from everyday life. We tackle this challenge at an early age!

Our hands-on, heads-on, hearts-on pedagogy shifts science learning into imaginative science play. In this imaginary scenario, we invite young minds to think and act like scientists who are solving a real problem. Imagination drives the whole inquiry process from the beginning to the end. We say that science is child’s play.


Online teacher training

Kide Science offers an online teacher training about playful STEAM lessons with story-based lesson plans for early childhood educators.

Become a Kide Science certified teacher and get full access to all our lesson plans.

This package contains:

  • an online teacher training
  • full access to 60 + lesson plans with 125 + experiments around STEAM
  • a certification exam
  • 12 months of access to our platform.

We will train you step-by-step on how to master STEAM pedagogy. You will feel confident when introducing scientific thinking to young children in a classroom or remotely. You will also learn to teach skill growth over fact-memorization, helping students grow into independent, critical thinkers.

Furthermore, we provide you with top-quality lesson materials that include video-guided experiments, engaging stories, pedagogical tips and equipment lists for each lesson. Just plug and play!

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