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"I like the fact that LessonApp is very practical, quick and easy to use. Above all, it is so enriching based on pedagogical principles, provides such a resource bank of teaching methods and builds a community of educators. Thank you. Jennifer Borg Malta"See other reviews


Plan your lessons for better learning!

LessonApp is an easy-to-use mobile tool for teachers to plan better lessons.

Finnish pedagogy is known for excellent learning outcomes. LessonApp has Finnish pedagogy packed in a compact form and it is based on the latest scientific research on learning.  LessonApp helps teachers plan versatile and interesting lessons where students are more motivated and engaged. It is possible to achieve excellent learning results and feel joy over learning simultaneously!

LessonApp offers teachers a versatile “toolbox” of different methods and pedagogical practices. With LessonApp it is easier to choose the most suitable pedagogical solution for different groups and subjects. LessonApp includes over 150 different activating teaching methods which promote learning and a pedagogically smart lesson structure. LessonApp saves time and helps you to increase the quality of your lessons!

In addition, LessonApp has a database of lesson plans made by other teachers. You can use ready-to-teach lessons or plan your own with the help of pedagogically relevant lesson blocks.

LessonApp Premium License includes:

  • All features of the lesson planning tool
  • Access to over 150 teaching methods
  • Access to pedagogy instructions and videos
  • Method classification for finding a suitable teaching method
  • Distance teaching guide and methods for planning and implementing remote teaching
  • Self-assessment tool for professional development
  • Possibility to save unlimited drafts and private lessons
  • Option to browse and apply other users’ lesson plans
  • Chance to create own groups, share lessons with your colleagues only or join public groups

LessonApp Premium License is valid for one year. Learn more in our website!

Modern educational research has revealed many factors that promote learning: learner’s own activity, motivation, participation, collaborative learning (learning with and from each other), reflection, connections to prior knowledge, physical activity, using versatile methods etc. It is possible to apply all these principles to lesson planning and get better learning results!

Do you want to take the next step for better lessons?

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7 reviews for LessonApp Premium
Annual licence

  1. Jennifer Borg

    I like the fact that LessonApp is very practical, quick and easy to use. Above all, it is so enriching based on pedagogical principles, provides such a resource bank of teaching methods and builds a community of educators. Thank you.

    Jennifer Borg

  2. Teacher from Finland

    This app for preparing lesson plans is extremely user-friendly. A globalised network of teachers sharing their resources and ideas. Brilliant idea! Well done!

  3. Teacher from Finland

    Lessonapp is user friendly, practical to use and full of ideas.

  4. Alice Micallef

    LessonApp is a practical tool that introduces teachers to practical ideas for lesson planning while serving as a space to design, store and browse into other examples of lessons for future use. The idea of blocks that make up different stages of the lesson allows for reflection and teachers’ own input in planning to apply what is required for their own contexts of teaching and learning. App may be used to get ideas proposed by the team but its potential also lies within the space and opportunity provided for the teacher to note down own ideas to direct each stage of planning.

    Dr Alice Micallef
    Assistant Director
    Directorate for Learning and Assessment Programmes

  5. Crispian Farrow

    LessonApp in an interesting tool for driving improved pedagogy in classrooms by supporting lesson planning with a toolkit of learning strategies to build lessons in a modular form. Great stuff!

    Crispian Farrow
    Director, Young Founders School, Hong Kong

  6. Teacher, Chile

    I find it to be an excellent tool for very complete, modern teaching work. It serves to structure learning, order ideas. Easy to use. I love its presentation, the colors.

  7. Teacher, Chile

    It is a practical tool, very friendly and easy to access for the teacher. In its structure, design and colors, it provides teaching methods, strategies and planning, which allow the teacher to design motivating, entertaining and dynamic classes for the achievement of significant objectives.

    To familiarize myself with the application, I planned a geometry class, the information I had to upload was the objective, the course group that is addressed (age), the subject and the materials to be used. The application has a variety of methods preloaded (presented in block), which are selected according to the learning to be achieved. The methods and techniques presented can be used in all subjects of the Study Plan. The planned lesson can be saved as a draft and can also be edited. Saves the teacher time in the search for new strategies. For all the above, it is a very useful application for teaching work and also by allowing the interaction of pedagogical experiences with others, it enriches the practice in the classroom.

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