E3 Designing effective lessons and educational activities for young children

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What do you get:

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  • video lectures (in total 45 mins)
  • additional learning material
  • learning assignment


Child-centered lesson planning in early childhood education

Finnish education is known for research-based and innovative pedagogy. Finnish education is a combination of stress-free and child-centered approach and excellent learning results. In teacher training Finnish teachers are taught how to design engaging and motivating lessons and educational activities that truly promote learning.

Designing lessons and educational activities beforehand helps create meaningful learning situations. The teacher can always be flexible and change plans but planning lessons in advance is helpful for building further developed and more beneficial educational activities for young children.

Education in Finland early childhood education online course
In Finland, teacher-lead teaching is not a common form of educational activities in early childhood education. A teacher is an activator or a facilitator rather than an authority who shares information and knows the right answers.

The purpose of beforehand planning is to enhance learning the best possible way. That is why planning is based on the latest scientific research on learning and how it can be fostered. It is vital that teachers acquire a strong foundation of what learning is and how it can be promoted. Furthermore, it is essential for teachers to get a versatile “toolbox” of different methods and pedagogical practices for choosing the most suitable pedagogical solution for different children, groups and situations.

What does innovative and child-centered lesson planning in early childhood education mean?

This course shows how to design and implement quality ECEC lessons – the Finnish way. Themes of this course include smart pedagogy based on latest scientific research, factors promoting learning, pedagogically smart structure for lessons, examples of designed learning situations etc. Examples are applicable to ECEC and primary education.

Goal: How to design and implement quality ECEC lessons (learning situations) and educational activities for young children the Finnish way.

Learning outcomes:

  • Participants gain insights into the Finnish lesson planning and educational activities.
  • Participants learn how to design and implement quality ECEC educational activities and learning situations.


  • Smart pedagogy
  • Pedagogy for young children
  • Educational activities
  • Educational activities – the role of the teacher
  • Examples of educational activities
  • Pedagogically smart structure for learning situations
  • Different phases of learning situations
  • Examples of pedagogically planned learning situations

Completion methods: 45 mins video lecture, additional learning material, learning assignment
The course is offered as a self-study online course. The course is asynchronous and can be completed at the participant’s own pace during 30 days.
Duration: in total 5h
Target group: ECEC and K-6 teachers, principals and education experts
Produced by: Learning Scoop
Course platform: Claned Online Learning Platform
Access to the course: 30 days
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