E5 Kindergarten as a learning organization

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What do you get:

  • self-study online course at own pace
  • access valid 30 days
  • video lectures (in total 53  mins)
  • additional learning material
  • learning assignment


How to develop kindergarten as a learning organization?

Learning organizations have several characteristics: shared vision, continuous learning, team learning and collaboration, culture of inquiry, innovation and exploration, exchange of knowledge and learning etc. Kindergartens should be places devoted to learning: children, as well as adults, learn together in a nurturing environment.

What is characteristic for a kindergarten as a learning environment and how can we enhance these properties in everyday work of a kindergarten?

This online course for kindergarten principals introduces the idea of a kindergarten as a learning organization. The course offers theoretical and practical tools for kindergarten principals for sustainable development of a kindergarten: e.g. systems thinking approach and developing the operational culture.

Goal: To introduce key elements of the kindergarten as a learning organization and emphasize the role of the manager in building an operational culture

Learning outcomes:

  • You will be able to identify the role of the manager in building a learning organization
  • You will be able to implement a systems thinking approach to support the kindergarten’s sustainable development
  • You will be able to reflect on your kindergarten’s operational culture and make the changes needed to bring it to the 21st century educational standards


  • Key concepts
  • Kindergarten as a learning organization. Rhetorics or reality?
  • Bureaucratic vs. learning organisation
  • Operational culture and the concept of learning
  • Characteristics of a learning organization
  • Systems thinking for sustainable development of a kindergarten
  • Characteristics of a sustainably developed kindergarten
  • Operational culture in ECEC

Completion methods: 53 mins video lectures, additional learning material, learning assignment.

The course is offered as a self-study online course. The course is asynchronous and can be completed at the participant’s own pace during 30 days.

Duration: in total 5h

Target group: ECEC / Kindergarten principals

Produced by: Learning Scoop in co-operation with EduStudio

Access to the course: 30 days

Recommended courses to combine with this course: E2 Promoting young children’s learning in practice, E3 Designing effective lessons and educational activities for young children and E9 Pedagogical leadership as a basis for operation in ECEC.



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