S6 Programming with Python – The pedagogical approach

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What do you get:

  • self-study online course at own pace
  • access valid 30 days
  • video lectures (in total 45 mins)
  • additional learning material
  • learning assignment



How to teach coding in a pedagogically meaningful way?

Learning to code is very close to learning a new language. In this course the target is in pedagogy. The course gives coding ideas for teachers and makes a clear path for teaching Python programming language.

Python is an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language. It is an easy-to-use language that makes it simple to get program working. With this course, you will get new ideas, how to teach coding with a firm pedagogical approach!

This course dives deep into using one coding language – Python – in a pedagogically meaningful way. If you are not familiar with teaching coding in general yet, it is highly recommended to take the online course S3 Basics of coding first.

This course starts with building a couple of basic and very static codes to get familiar with Python language and also with the programming environment. After having some tools and competence to explore the possibilities, it’s time to create some interaction with a program. Finally, the course shows, how to build more varied code which not only interacts but also reacts to the input.


  • to get familiar with Python language and the programming environment
  • to understand and learn basics of programming
  • to be able to teach programming for students


  • Why to choose Python for teaching coding to students?
  • Using online programming environment
  • How to boost students’ motivation?
  • Getting started with Python
  • How to start programming?
  • Interactive program
  • Reactive program
  • Setting up an extensive exercise
  • Practical examples and easy hands-on exercises

Completion methods: 45 mins video lecture, additional learning material, learning assignments
Duration: in total 4h
Target group: for K-9 teachers, principals and education experts
Produced by: Learning Scoop
Course platform: Claned Online Learning Platform
Access to the course: 30 days

Recommended online courses and trainings to combine with this course:  S3 Basics of coding for school, S4 Minecraft Education Edition promoting learning, S11 21st Century Coding Pedagogy and Teaching and Learning 21st Century Skills – online webinar.



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