S7 3D drawing, designing and printing for school

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What do you get:

  • self-study online course at own pace
  • access valid 30 days
  • video lectures (in total 30 mins)
  • additional learning material
  • learning assignment


3D drawing, designing and printing are great for STEAM lessons!

3D printing is a process that allows three dimensional objects to be printed using a special machine, a 3D printer. With this course educators learn the basic skills of 3D drawing, designing and printing. The course introduces two easy-to-use 3D drawing softwares, and explains how to prepare 3D design before printing it. The course includes also tips and examples about how to use 3D printing as a part of STEAM projects.

3D designing is nothing new, we can see it all around us. It is yet much more uncommon to see 3D printed items. 3D designing is easiest to notice in some design furniture or accessories, but it can be seen in almost every object you are looking at. For example, a candle holder or a cell phone or even a car or a house. If you want to see 3D designers at their work, just look at children playing. Many of them are already learning 3D designing by building sand or snow castles or playing with play dough or by building Legos.

3D drawing, designing and printing can be exciting way to learn design process and creativity. They also fit really well with STEAM projects because they add some technology and art to STEAM lessons, and provide hands-on lessons and authentic learning experiences for students. Moreover, 3D designing and printing encourage thinking skills, collaboration, and problem-solving.


  • How to make classroom accounts in Tinkercad
  • Basic drawing with Tinkercad
  • Introduction to digital sculpting and SculptGL
  • Preparing and printing 3D designs
  • Examples of different STEAM 3D design tasks

Completion methods: video lectures (in total 30 mins), additional learning material, learning assignment.
The course is offered as a self-study online course. The course is asynchronous and can be completed at the participant’s own pace during 30 days.

Duration: in total 2–3h

Target group: for K-9 teachers, principals and education experts

Produced by: Learning Scoop

Course platform: Claned Online Learning Platform

Access to the course: 30 days

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