S3 Basics of coding for school

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Learning the basics of coding has become a necessity for many teachers nowadays. Learn how to include meaningful and engaging coding activities to your teaching!

A school’s purpose is to prepare students for the future and teach them skills and knowledge they will need. One important future skill is computational thinking skill. Computational thinking skill is about understanding problem-solving processes, and it is best learned by coding.


Education in Finland online course
The national core curriculum is focused on developing computational thinking.

Furthermore, coding helps the students to learn critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, teamwork, perseverance, and planning. Having children learn coding prepares them for the future. This course helps teachers to learn basics of coding and how to teach coding for their students.

Does a teacher need to be a good programmer to be able to teach coding? Is it essential  that a teacher is an expert in programming languages in order to convey the basic idea of computational thinking to their students? The answer is: No. In order to promote the meaningful learning of your students, you need to understand, what you are teaching and why. And this course is there to help you with this pedagogical goal.

This course includes four parts. The first part will concentrate on the reasons why we should teach coding in schools and what exactly we should teach about coding. In the second part of the course, the idea of coding without computers will be introduced. The third part of the course is about programming in a graphic environment and the fourth part presents text-based programming.


  • to understand why we need to learn coding
  • to understand and learn basics of coding
  • to be able to teach basics of coding for students


  • Why we should learn and teach coding?
  • Coders’ mindset and algorithmic thinking
  • Coding without computer
  • Programming in a graphic environment
  • Text-based coding
  • Easy hands-on exercises

Completion methods: 30 min video lectures, additional learning material, learning assignment

Duration: in total 4h

Target group: for K-9 teachers, principals and education experts

Produced by: Learning Scoop

Course platform: Claned Online Learning Platform

Access to the course: 30 days

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