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Do you want to get new ideas for student assessment?


“Assessment guides studying and learning more than any other factor in a learning situation.”

(Entwistle & Entwistle, 1992; Hodgson & Pang, 2012;
Segers & Dochy, 2006; Struyven, Dochy & Janssens, 2005)


Tests, exams and quizzes are essential building blocks of traditional student assessment. They can be effective in measuring concept comprehension and knowledge, but often fail to recognize the development of skills and attitudes. Furthermore, as traditional testing is mainly summative, it is not able to provide insights into learning processes or support students’ learning.

A well-designed system of formative assessment with process-level feedback and systematic focus on self-reflection can help students to adapt the principles of lifelong learning already at the early stages of their schooling. Traditional summative assessment provides only a grade, but formative assessment reveals the underlying learning process. If the summative component is too strong, it is easy to lose focus and concentrate on rote learning and memorization of facts instead of learning, which, obviously, is the reason why schools exist.

The webinar gives a fresh approach to student assessment with a twist of Finnish assessment expertise. It introduces a variety of assessment methods for understanding the process of learning, acquiring learning data, and measuring the development of 21st century skills. The webinar is ideal for teachers who want to utilize assessment in supporting their students and in releasing their students’ full learning potential.

Contents of the webinar:

  • Summative and formative assessment
  • Supporting learning with assessment
  • The role of encouraging feedback
  • Recognizing one’s own strengths through assessment
  • Practical examples of different methods of assessment

Qridi is an expert in learning and assessment. You can meet our pedagogical experts on our website.

Completion methods: 1-hour live webinar. See dates above.

Duration: 1 hour

Target group: K12 teachers, principals and other educators

Produced by: Qridi

Access to the webinar: Once you purchase a ticket to one of our live webinars, you will receive a link for accessing the webinar in the given date and time.

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