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If you want to know more about Finnish education, check out these books! The book bundle includes two books: Finnish Education in Practice: What, Why and How, and Phenomenal Learning from Finland.

Finnish Education in Practice: What, Why and How is a practice-oriented insight into Finnish education. It combines the overall description of key topics of education in Finland (what), the rationale behind the typical features of Finnish education (why) as well as practical examples of how these undertakings are implemented in everyday schoolwork (how).

The book includes several practice-oriented case examples that describe multiple practical applications of the leading ideas and objectives in Finnish education. The case examples are written by experienced Finnish education experts: class teachers, subject teachers, special education teachers, principals, teacher trainers and educators. Each professional who contributed to this project has years of work experience and practical knowledge of the themes they address in this book. This fact makes the book particularly relevant to the audience looking for authentic first-hand information about how the discussed matters work in a real-life education context.

Phenomenal Learning from Finland by professor Kirsti Lonka presents Finland’s path to 21st century competences and the exciting concept of phenomenon-based learning as part of the new curriculum.

The way to globalization, digitalization, and automation is paved with many challenges is shared by countries around the globe. The author states that the Finns will have to raise their valuable school system to a new level and standard. This calls for intensive reforms, both in teacher education and at school. In addition to the broad-based competences central to the new Finnish curriculum, the book discusses the latest developments in education, innovative pedagogical methods, technologies in education, and new learning environments. The book Phenomenal Learning from Finland also challenges some of the urban legends associated with the curriculum reform.

This book bundle is ideal for you if you are interested in Finnish education practices. We hope that it could be of inspiration to educators around the world!

Meet the editors of “Finnish Education in Practice”!

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