New Directions in Teaching: Stories from Finnish Classrooms

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Would you like to know more about Finnish teachers: their goals and ways of work? Would you like to read real stories from Finnish classrooms? This book is an ideal peak into the lives and thoughts of acknowledged Finnish teachers. Now you can learn what Finnish teachers consider most important in their work and how they are conducting it.

Finland has consistently been one of the most successful countries in global education rankings. What makes the Finnish schools so unique? Experts have highlighted some factors, such as equal education for all regardless socioeconomic background, highly-educated teaching staff, and an innovative curriculum that allows schools to implement teaching in a variety of ways.

In this book, seven Finnish primary school teachers describe their everyday work. Each teacher discusses their work from their own point of view. One of them is interested in open learning spaces, while another emphasizes outdoor education. One grows vegetables with their pupils, while another one loves project-based learning etc.

One can learn from these interviews that Finnish teachers genuinely care about their students and continually strive to improve as teachers through additional in-service training. Perhaps the answer to the question “Why is Finnish education so special?” is hidden in these unique, real-life stories.

” I work at an ordinary village school, but I do a lot of my work in nature. We keep a garden together, have overnight camp-outs in the forest, gather berries and mushrooms, and prepare food from them. Much of the teaching is playful and instructive study and observation of nature. — The root of my teaching is learning to see and experience. Being in nature helps my students pay attention to their surroundings. — The students’ perception awakens. We smell, we taste, we crawl. I show them the small and lovely details of nature. We investigate anthills and watch how the ants spray formic acid. We scrutinize resin and birch buds. When you look at flower petals through a magnifying glass, you suddenly realize, for the first time, that there are amazing patterns in that petal.”

“I usually become very close with my students. I consider it important that I know everyone as individuals, and that they know me too. I come to work as myself, with my joys and sorrows, my weaknesses and my strengths. I tell about myself and my experiences, and I often teach things through them. I give a lot of space for students’ experiences, emotions, and conversations.”

“As is true in the Finnish system, the teacher should be able to be relaxed, well-off, and creative in their own right so that children have a safe and well-balanced adult and a comfortable learning atmosphere.”

“The teacher-student relationship is built when the teacher has time to listen and be present. I get excited when students get excited. I get excited to find fun ideas that I know students like. It’s great to see that children think and learn. For me, even more important than seeing them learning multiplication tables, is seeing them learn to be with each other and accept their differences and weaknesses — that they learn to listen to each other, consider each other, and collaborate.”

The editor, Dr Kati Keski-Mäenpää, is a primary school teacher herself and knows the actual work in Finnish schools. Through her book, she has managed to shed light on the work of the key agents of Finland’s educational success – the Finnish teachers.

It is fascinating to read through teachers’ own words, how the cornerstones of Finnish education – equality, trust, autonomy, modern pedagogy etc. – are implemented in everyday school work in Finnish schools. This book will share the real stories from Finnish classrooms and inspire you to explore new directions in teaching! Take a look and enjoy!


Published by: Kati Keski-Mäenpää & Amazon 2021
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