E8 Many roles of a kindergarten leader

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Kindergarten leader – a multitalent expert or a Jack of all trades? Kindergarten leader indeed has multiple roles and tasks. Understanding the diverse responsibilities of the kindergarten leader, helps you to conduct this job more successfully.

Kindergarten as a learning organization requires comprehensive and supportive leadership. Creating a thriving, continuously developing kindergarten needs a clear vision, shared goals and constructive leadership approach. How can all that be achieved? How do Finnish kindergarten principals manage their work?

This course introduces the many roles and tasks of a Finnish kindergarten principal: leading vision and strategy, leading organizational development work, human relations, pedagogy, administration, etc. The course gives a comprehensive picture of the work of a principal in Finnish kindergartens.

The kindergarten leader’s job is about human interaction. Their leadership responsibilities are connected to the people around them, which they need to inspire, motivate and support in their development. But in order to fulfill these responsibilities, they need to take the lead of themselves. This course helps you to strengthen your own professional development and self-leadership as a kindergarten leader.

Goal: To introduce the concept of leadership in Finnish early childhood education and care and underline the different roles of a leader in ECEC

Learning outcomes:

  • You will get familiar with the role of the manager in the Finnish ECEC
  • You will be able to identify the different roles of a leader
  • You will be able to develop a comparative view between your practice and the one of a kindergarten manager in Finland.


1. The role of the manager in Finnish ECEC

  • Administrator, manager and leadership roles

2. Leadership in kindergarten: the different roles

  • Leading of self
  • Leading vision and strategy
  • Leading organizational development work
  • Leading human relations
  • Leading pedagogy

Completion methods: 49 mins video lecture, additional learning material, learning assignment

Duration: in total 5h

Target group: ECEC / Kindergarten leaders and principals

Produced by: Learning Scoop in co-operation with EduStudio

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