The Role of Emotions and Flow in the Learning

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What do you get:

  • Self-study online course in teachers’ pedagogical skills in an advanced learning environment
  • Learning material (almost 90 pages)
  • 4 video lectures (in total about 13 mins)
  • Learning assignment to put the theory into practice
  • You can study at your own pace
  • Access to the learning environment for 30 days


We believe that local teachers are the greatest change-makers in education.

The work of teachers is highly demanding and requires therefore constant systematic competence-development throughout the career. The Role of Emotions and Flow in the Learning course provides you with a deepened understanding of learner-centric pedagogy, along with the skills and competencies to further apply and develop teachers’ pedagogical practices. With this short course of two modules, that are created by the leading educational professionals in Finland, you are able to maintain and acquire skills to reply to the rapidly changing working life.​

Get familiar with teachers’ pedagogical training created in Finland by leading educational experts.

Finnish excellence in education is built with highly competent teachers. Finnish teacher development equips teachers with solid theoretical and practical skills to facilitate learning for diverse groups of learners. Teachers are proactive developers of their own work as well as of the schools they work in. We embrace the importance of teachers’ systematic competence-development throughout their careers that benefit the school communities as well as the educational ecosystem around them.

The Role of Emotions and Flow in the Learning course contains 2 modules, that have specific learning objectives.

  • The first module concentrates on the key role of emotions: you will learn to understand the key elements of different emotions related to learning, how to identify students’ emotions, and how you as a teacher can use and regulate them in the learning situation.
  • In the second module you will learn the concept of flow, what it means, and how to take it into account when teaching the students.
  • These modules are very applicable in your daily work.

 Learning outcomes

  • You will learn to understand the key elements of different emotions related to learning.
  • You will learn to help your students to identify their emotions and how they can regulate them in the learning situation.
  • You will also learn the concept of flow and how to take it into account in teaching.
  • A digital certificate will be awarded to participants, who have successfully passed the course.


Module 1 – Emotions and Learning

  • How do emotions guide learning?
  • Emotions in the classroom
  • Epistemic and achievement motions
  • Reflect your own emotions
  • How to help your students to regulate their emotions

 Module 2 – Flow

  • What is flow and how to foster it?
  • Reflection on your own flow experiences
  • How to support flow in your students
  • How to overcome obstacles of flow

Completion methods

  • Modules include writing a personal learning journal and reflection of current teaching methods, challenges related to the topic, and learning theory.
  • Designing new teaching practices and applying them with students in real life and applying learned ideas into your daily work.
  • Online learning in an advanced learning platform including an introduction module, that helps you to start your student-engaging journey.
  • You will be provided access to an online learning platform that helps you to create development plans for your own operations.

Duration: You can complete each module in about 1 -2 weeks as you can study at your own pace depending on your own work.

Target group: The course is designed for teachers, teacher students, principals, and education developers.

Produced by: MIF Academy / Soprano Plc in collaboration with ELE.

Access to the course: The course can be completed at your own pace within 30 days.

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