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Education Sustainability Development: Case Studies by EduGems

Many schools around the world aim to grow great citizens, empowered to live successfully in their personal and global lives. In many places the word sustainability has only just started to be understood and implemented in pedagogical communities and the STEAM approach takes wings. One thing is a fact: the 21st century skills are essential. Studying more about Education Sustainability Development will open the doors of such concepts as STEAM, ESD, Positive pedagogy, Student-centered and teacher-centered learning. In the beginning those concepts might sound hard to digest and implement in everyday school life. But you are not alone! By taking online courses and improving professional skills you can learn and clarify many educational concepts such as Holistic and Inquiry-based Education for Sustainable Development. Actually, it is very rewarding to see that simple actions can bring big impact on both students and teachers!

In one of the cases in Moldova, Science, Chemistry and Biology subjects teachers were  invited to cooperate. They made a real boom in their school showing another aspect of education, education that really matters for the future. Parents were impressed by the motivation of their kids searching and exploring  information about the materials, how they are used and what the reason is for the raw materials.

Being a teacher is a very responsible task. Personal and professional development is lifelong. All the teachers should remember the fact that they may change lives.” Corina Ceban

I consider that all the aspects of environmental problems should be integrated in any subject in the framework of the curriculum. As for teaching, I consider that Project-based learning would be a great strategy to introduce the environmental problems and planetary boundaries. Through projects pupils will explore the problem then they together with the teacher will find a solution. I will focus more on the transversal competences. I will take the role of a push motivator and try to deliver more interactive lessons. Thank you so much. I have discovered crucial facts about education!” Natalia Ursu

It is important to empower and develop teacher´s skills as teachers are the initial change makers in the classroom. Getting this kind of feedback and reflection means a job well done and spot on!

If you wish to get to know this case study from Moldova better, please read more! If you want to gain this kind of sustainable superpowers yourself, join the online courses B6 Educational Approaches in Finland and B8 Sustainable Development in Education.

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